Theoretical Logic

A collection of Trevor Parscal's illustrated theories, some more plausible than others.

Walking Distance to Food

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Theory: People are more likely to compromise on the quality of food when obtaining it was either virtually effortless or extremely difficult.

Popularity of Now and Later Flavors

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Theory: The more Blue Radberry Now and Laters you eat, the less you will like them. This data may look familiar if you follow US presidential politics.

Obtaining Food

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Theory: The average instant-noodles styrofoam cup has equal nutritional value and greater flavor than it’s contents.

Addictive Health Food

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Theory: If health food was addictive, Americans would be less overweight.

Risks and Rewards of Restaurant Offerings

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Theory: The fancier a Vietnamese restaurant looks inside, the worse the food will be; ideal establishments will feature worn-out low-quality furniture, horrible lighting, and numerically indexed menus.

Lifecycle of Eating Salad for Lunch

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Theory: Everything tastes better with meat and cheese.